Chandrasekharam Mango

Chandrasekharam Mango

Chandrasekharam, a mango that stands alongside or above the leading native mangoes in Kerala. I wonder why this mango is not widely spread.

The maximum weight is more than 500 grams. Flattened circular appearance. It has a beak-like shape at the bottom, a bump like an elephant's head on top of it.

The Well ripen mango should be selected and plucked from the mango tree. When ripe, a slight yellowish colour appears on the mango. Ripe the mango at that time and cover it with the straw. The mangoes prepared like this will have a unique colour and fragrance when ripe. In few days, you can eat honey-sweet mangoes. ( "honey-sweet": The mango that is sweet as if it was with honey). This time the fleshy part of the mango is dark orange coloured.

Every year it produces mangoes. Once in two years, there will be lots of mangoes that amaze us. Even if the flowers fall off due to rain or other reasons. They appear to be full of flowers again. The larva or worms attack is not seen in this mango. Bats are more likely to be disturbed as the mango stem strength is higher for this variety.

The seeds are polyembryonic. The species can be maintained through seeds.

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