Kolambu Mango

Kolambu Mango

In Kerala, we call him Kolambu Mango, whereas in Srilanka it is "Vella kolamban" ( White kolamban).Kolambu Mango is the remainder of the Keralites' journey to Colombo in the past. In the past, Colombo was like the Gulf today. Those who went to work there also brought local varieties of mango from there. Out of that," Vella kolamban" grown well in Kerala. We call this Kolambu and Kolambi. It is found abundantly in Thrissur, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts.

Once you eat this mango, you will become a fan of it. Kolambu is a sweet mango with no souring taste, with a mind-blowing fragrance when ripe. When you eat a mango, the taste buds on the tongue get a special effect. You can try this mango chilled ( refrigerated). You feel like ice cream. Or Squeeze the mango with your hand and sip it; it resembles the mango fruity. Use it after cooling; it will take you to a magical world of taste.

Thick skins can be peeled off, just like a banana. Even when ripe, mangoes are green in colour; few mangoes are found in light yellowish colour. Better allow it to become fruit from the tree itself; it tastes great. If plucked before fruiting, it loses its natural flavour. The initial mangoes on a tree are less sweet. It seems to become sweeter with the age.

Worm infestation is very rare in this mango. But many people who have grown grafted plants says; it is infested with worms. Mangoes have the same taste throughout Kerala. The trees grown in the coastal areas gives the mango an outstanding taste.

The white kolamban variety transmits matrilineal quality through polyembryonic seeds. If you get a chance to eat Kolambu mango, plant the seedling in your backyard; In another four to five years, you can have lots of honey-sweet mangoes.