Mango Girl ( Penkutty Mavu )

Mango Girl ( Penkutty Mavu )

This will be our first experience of seeing a bunch of baby mangoes in reddish colour. That is the main attractive feature of this mango variant.

The beauty of the reddish-brown colour gives pleasure to our eyes too. Mangoes will have this colour at the beginning( From their bay age ). When ripe, they turn yellowish red.

The "self-ripening" "mango girl" tastes like Baird's Berry. ("self-ripening": the mango which is becoming fruit from the mango tree itself and falling down.) ". But when matured mango is plucked and turns into a fruit, then that has a different sweetness. It is better to pluck the ripen mango and allow it to become fruit. As the bat attack is a bit more on this variety.

The maximum weight of mango is 200 grams. This mango can either be chopped and eaten. Or squash it by hand, then suck the fruit juice. The unique taste of this mango will makes us fans of "mangoes girl".

The name "mangoes girl" came because there was a government well near this mango tree, wherein the old days, the girls in that area used to play with stones in the shade of this mango tree.

Mango seeds are mono-embryonic. The saplings from the seeds are very similar to the mother plant. Still, modern methods have to be followed to get the exact replica of this variety. The larva or warms are not seen in this mango.