Sarkar Mango

Sarkar Mango

Visit Convent Road in Kanimangalam over-bridge area of ​​Thrissur district and ask the people there about the taste of "Sarkar mango". They will tell you the taste of "Sarkar mango" and their love for this mango. The"Sarkar mango" is a delicious native variety.

This mango is not to be eaten in the usual way. Slice it off to pieces or sucking the juice is not the correct way of experiencing the taste of it. Then you think of how to have it. Try it with its skin; Its speciality is in its skin. It has white, delicate and delicious skin. Yes, you bite off the mango; you get the real taste of the sarkar mango.

Mangoes are fragrant and have a small amount of fibre attached to the seeds. Attempting to bite off the part adjacent to the seed can lead to the hooking of fibre to the tooth.

This flour also has distinctiveness in flowering. This flour also has distinctiveness in flowering. In the first year, one part of the tree will bloom and in the next year, the other side. And in the third year, the whole tree will flourish. You will not even find a single mango in the fourth year.

The sarkar mangoes find in mango groves; single mango weighs up to 125 grams. The seeds are polyembryonic; The mango species can maintain through their seeds. It got its name from the government land in the Kanimangalam area; it still carries the same name. To the best of my knowledge, only two trees of this variety have been spotted so far. One of them will be cut this year. Seedlings are growing in many places as a result of our efforts.

The only drawback is. Mangoes with good sweetness will lose their sweetness as the rain gets closer. Mangoes lose their taste if there is higher summer rainfall.