Thrissurkkaran Mango

Thrissurkkaran mango

"Thrissurkkaran mango", the pride of Thrissur, the ultimate mango. We Thrissur mango lovers all together named this flavour "Thrissurkaran". "Thrissurkaran", Spotted a new variety in the urban areas of the Thrissur. No other mother trees of this variety have been found so far.

Even though it bears a resemblance to the taste of "Sundari mango", it has four-fold times the taste of "Sundari mango". The "Sundari mango" contains a large amount of fibre. However, in "Thrissurkkaran mango," we would say that there is no fibre in it. You will be surprised if you see the tree during the season; It will be packed with mangoes. The mango has the colour of a rose flower, weighs 300 grams. Usually, no worms are found in it.

Every year it fills with mangoes. This mango fruit is rich in sweetness. Even if you pluck the ripened mango, allow it to become fruit that too tastes excellent. Mangoes start getting ripe in early February. Up to a level, the mango flowers can withstand the rain. One drawback is that the mango stem strength is slightly higher, better to pluck the mango once it is ripe. Otherwise, the "The inheritors of the earth" ( Usually bats ) will take lots from it. The seeds are polyembryonic; the mango species can be maintained through its seeds.

Bhoomiyude Avakashikal (English: The Inheritors of the Earth) is a beautiful novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Here he speaks about the natural owners of the fruits and other resources which we hold control.